Drywall Tool


When Joe Vaz, a professional drywall installer, realized how much time was wasted measuring and cutting out electrical outlets, he knew there had to be a better way. After many trials and errors designing and building all sorts of gadgets, the first VAZIT TOOL that had potential was put to the test. Used by a professional team of installers, the tool was put through its paces and began a series of refinements and rebuilds until everyone was satisfied that the VAZIT TOOL was the perfect addition to the drywaller's toolbox.

Not only did the VAZIT TOOL save a ton of time locating and cutting out the electrical boxes, but it had other benefits as well. Because the box protects the inside of the electrical box, it stopped electrical wires from getting cut. On top of that, those times that measurements were not as accurate as they should have been, the use of the VAZIT TOOL did away with costly drywall repairs when the cutout did not match the box's location properly. Speaking of the cutout, using the VAZIT TOOL makes it easy to use the router and get a perfect cut every time.

Video demonstrationWhether you're a professional drywall installer or the
Do-it-yourself type, you really need to try the VAZIT TOOL to understand why we're so excited about it. Just hink of the time you'll save not having to measure each outlet location. Just insert the VAZIT TOOL, attach the drywall panel and make a perfect cut.

Made in Canada, the VAZIT TOOL is constructed from heavy gauge steel to withstand professional use.

Whether you're a Pro or a Do-it-yourselfer, the VAZIT TOOL is a must have!

VAZIT Drywall Cutout Tools